Commercial robots, Spot and Stretch, side by side in a warehouse

Robots for the Real World

We build products robust enough to excel in the toughest working conditions-all while staying agile enough for human-purposed environments.


Capable of navigating the unpredictable environments where people work, our robots can operate when and where they're needed.


Our intuitive controls, autonomous capabilities, and robust hardware help you get work done precisely and repeatably.


No matter the task, our athletic intelligence and advanced perception enable our robots to perform reliably with minimal intervention.

Agile Robots & Dynamic Data - Meet Spot

Spot's unparalleled agility, adaptability, and reliability provide proven solutions across industries. Quickly and accurately capture data with Spot's help, keeping people safe and operations running smoothly.



Remotely manage and operate your Spot fleet and review all your site data and insights with enterprise fleet management software.<br />


Turn Spot into a powerful mobile manipulation robot with a fully integrated arm.


Equip Spot with a range of payloads to support data capture, processing, navigation, and more.<br />


Find even more solutions, software, and payloads from our robust partner network to do even more with Spot.<br />

Automated Warehouse Operations

Use Stretch's versatile, mobile platform to handle cases and unload trailers, making inbound operations more efficient with less downtime. 


Stretch uses an advanced vision system that detects boxes and container surroundings.


Stretch is equipped with a purpose-built arm and gripper for strength, speed, and reach.


Stretch is built to maneuver in and out of trucks and tight spaces in a warehouse.


Stretch can work two full shifts on a single charge, operating effectively without the need to overhaul existing infrastructure.

Stretch automates case handling in warehouses
Stretch robot in a container in front of stacked cases

Comprehensive Fleet Management

Get a complete window into your robotic world and unify your ecosystem of Boston Dynamics robots, starting with Spot

The Portal to Your Fleet & Facilities

Orbit, our fleet management software, offers an intuitive portal to manage autonomous tasks, remotely operate robots, and analyze data within the context of your facility map. You have 360º access to your robots at work in real-time and seamless integration with other enterprise systems.

Two people review thermal inspection data in Orbit

Want to see our products in action?

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