Documentation & progress monitoring

Ensure your construction project stays on track with an automated progress monitoring solution.

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Prepare for success with jobsite photo documentation

Use Spot to enhance your routine documentation processes and stay informed of your site’s progress. Spot efficiently captures images, integrating the data into your information and documentation systems. Free up site supervisors and understand operational status in real time.

Spot gathering images with a 360 camera in a data center

Image capture, reporting, and analysis

Comprehensive, frequent site inspections deliver actionable insights that make your worksite more efficient.

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Increase Documentation Frequency

Spot can automatically capture jobsite progress updates in real time with images taken by the CAM+ or third-party camera payload. Automating surveys with Spot saves time, while providing more data, more often.

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Quantify progress

Count on Spot to create an accurate timeline of progress: the robot can capture a large volume of images from specific locations, making it easier to analyze over the course of a project and enabling further automation using computer vision or change detection models.

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Stay on schedule

Regular data collection with Spot helps teams automate as-built models, letting them identify potential problems early and take action to meet specified deadlines.

Spot with a 360° camera alongside workers on a construction site
Autonomous route for Boston Dynamics' Spot robot overlaid on a worksite

Automating site documentation

Save time, cost, and effort with Spot. Automated jobsite photo documentation and progress monitoring drives real-world results.



Integrate camera payloads to capture 360 degree or spherical images


Reduction in inspection time

Save inspection time while capturing more reliable, automated data



Conduct site surveys after hours to avoid process disruption

“When a project team needs regular documentation of a large jobsite and an automated solution is available to free up personnel to do higher-level tasks that only humans can do—well, that’s a pretty obvious decision.”

Hunter Cole

Innovation and Operational Technology Manager, Brasfield & Gorrie

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