Elevate Your Fleet & Facility with Orbit

Robot fleet management software from Boston Dynamics gives you a single view of your site, robots, and equipment. 

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Stay up and running, not up at night

Orbit is your portal for real-time fleet management and analysis. Eliminate guesswork, make informed decisions, and increase efficiency throughout your facility.

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Real-Time Intelligence

Stay informed with dashboards of consistent, reliable data and custom alerts.

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Operational Efficiency

Enhance efficiency of crucial assets and processes with scheduled, autonomous tasks.

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Augment Work

Free your team from tedious, repetitive work and put your digital transformation investments to work.

Your window to fleet management and analysis

Gain 360º control of your fleet and total visibility into what's going on at your site with our comprehensive robot fleet management software.

Site Awareness

Provide a single real-time view of robot operations on your facility map so operators can understand their site at a glance.

Fleet Management

Manage your fleet in one fully remote ecosystem. Plan routes, schedule missions, monitor progress, and operate robots from near or far.

Data Centralization & Analysis

Unlock reliable, consistent data to power business systems and harness AI, available when and where you need it.

Put your robots to work

Orbit fleet management software makes it intuitive to integrate Boston Dynamics robots—starting with Spot—into your day-to-day operations.

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Site Maps

Track your autonomous robot fleet at work overlaid on a facility blueprint. Author, modify, and monitor missions in the context; if your site changes, mission parameters can be revised at any time in Orbit.

Mission Scheduling & Review

Run missions aligned to day-to-day operations with flexible scheduling options. Orbit makes it simple to deploy Spot at specific days and times or on loop, with designated exclusions like weekends or planned downtime.

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Alerts & Notifications

See real-time alerts in the Orbit dashboard and track trends over time. Ensure you're the first to know when there might be an issue with equipment performance by opting in for email notifications customized to your preferences.

Remote Operation

Operate your robots from anywhere. In Orbit, you can see through Spot's cameras, direct Spot through your facility, and remotely conduct manual inspections using sensor payloads.

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Predictable Autonomous Inspection

Boston Dynamics provides everything you need to improve asset reliability at your facility. Get started with spot-on industrial inspections with robust robots equipped with professional-grade sensors, feeding data into Orbit fleet management software, and backed by comprehensive service and support.

Two operators review an acoustic inspection in Orbit
A worker kneels next to Spot, adjusting setting on the tablet controller

Flexible Installation & Support

Orbit can be installed via Wi-Fi, LTE, or cellular connection to the cloud for easy deployment. On-premise networking options are also available. Additionally, we're pleased to offer installation services for on-site support setting up your robot fleet.

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