Thermal Sensing & Inspection Solutions

Detect overheating or malfunctioning equipment and limit unnecessary repair costs with autonomous thermal sensing solutions.

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Automated thermal inspections for predictive maintenance

Detecting an overheating motor can be the difference between a $1,000 repair or a $50,000 replacement. Thermal inspections with Spot empowers industrial teams to automate and streamline asset condition monitoring.

Spot with Spot CAM+IR reads gauge

The advantage of robotic infrared inspections

Thermal images collected by Spot offer pixel-level temperature data of pumps, motors, and electrical equipment. With automated inspections, you can collect this data more efficiently, and more frequently, than manual processes, improving system health and minimizing unplanned downtime.

Real-World Sensing

Instead of overhauling your worksite and sensorizing every asset, use Spot to bring your sensors to each inspection point and to bridge the gap to Industry 4.0.

Autonomous Rounds

Equipped with the Spot CAM+IR, the robot captures accurate, reliable thermal scans. Plan autonomous inspection rounds to capture the thermal data you need for predictive maintenance on schedule.

Thermal Analysis

Spot centralizes all your critical asset data. Specify areas of interest, set alarm thresholds, view temperature trends over time, or create work orders in your asset management platform of choice.

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Predictive Maintenance

Spot gives time back to your maintenance team, enables them to prioritize critical repairs and get more done during scheduled downtime.

An operator uses a tablet controller to take a thermal image of motors
Employees viewing historic thermal images in Orbit on a computer

Examining the impact of robotics solutions

Deploying Spot allows you to fill the data gap and power digital transformation—Boston Dynamics’ robots are already delivering tangible, real-world results.


Inspection Points

The average plant has thousands of motors, drives, bushings, and other equipment to be checked.



Spot with Spot CAM+IR can cover your whole facility, capturing thermal data when and where you need it.



Detect thermal anomalies before they become equipment failures, prioritize repairs during planned downtime, and avoid unexpected outages.

“From an IR perspective, you look for these hot spots, and they are indicative of areas where there needs to be some mechanical treatment done... knowing the condition of the bushings, and knowing that there may or may not be any leaks – this information is extremely valuable.”

Dean Berlin

Lead Engineer, National Grid

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“Where I’d like to see it go is for Spot to walk around the building and not only take radiation levels, but also take vibration readings and temperature readings, and conduct contamination surveys. It’s just a matter of getting the right sensors and doing the right programming.”

Marc Fischer

Health Physics Technician, Dominion Energy

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