Workplace safety & security

Automate mundane safety inspection tasks while minimizing exposure to hazards through an agile robotics solution.

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Upholding Everyday Health and Safety

Work with a robot that seamlessly fits into your workplace and protects your team. Spot can perform scans and other tasks while safely navigating dynamic environments alongside moving workers and equipment.

Spot on an oil rig

A reliable and resilient inspection tool

Equipping Spot with visual inspection cameras and other sensor payloads enables the robot to take on the mundane inspection tasks that were previously performed manually. Spot can accomplish these tasks efficiently through remote operation, simultaneously protecting workers from possible exposure.

Automate inspections

Spot can conduct regular operational health and safety inspections to ensure compliance. For example, detect trip hazards, confirm fire extinguishers are unobstructed, or flag open doors to support overall safety and security in the workplace

Detect security risks

Deploy Spot with additional computer vision and change detection models to check for security issues like propped doors or damaged fencing.

Trigger alerts and work orders

Integrate data captured by Spot into enterprise management systems to notify the appropriate person or team of any issues.

Assess hazards

Teleoperate Spot to get eyes on suspected hazards in order to equip your team with the information they need to safely repair or replace damaged equipment, or mitigate other workplace hazards.

A screen capture showing a fire extinguisher correctly installed
Video captured from safety review showing a debris issue by the a brick building exterior

Examining the impact of robotics solutions

Deploying Spot in your workplace is creating tangible safety impacts.


Field of View

See what Spot sees with Spot CAM+ with a spherical camera and 30x PTZ 


Way Audio

Enable communication between team members on site and remote operators during to emerging situations



Know what’s happening on site, all the time

“The thing that [Spot] really brought to the table is locomotion and the ability to get around a jobsite. If you’ve ever been on a construction site before, you know how difficult that terrain is. It’s difficult for a human to cross, let alone a robot.”

Jake Lovelace

Innovation Specialist, Brasfield & Gorrie

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