Acoustic Inspections

Automate acoustic imaging to efficiently identify and repair leaks, malfunctioning equipment, and other noise anomalies.

Webinar: Improving Energy Efficiency with Robotic Acoustic Inspection

Pinpoint precision for pinhole leaks

Keep your compressed air systems running reliably. Spot helps detect pinhole air and gas leaks before they can cause big problems. 

Spot performing an acoustic inspection in a oil & gas refinery

Listen to what your equipment has to tell you

Noise anomalies can be an early indicator of impending equipment failure, but leaks and electrical discharge are typically undetectable by people. Acoustic inspections with Spot enable you to autonomously monitor for sound signature changes to prevent unscheduled maintenance. 

Dynamic Sensing

Free up your maintenance team with automated acoustic inspection—set inspection routes and schedule rounds to get the data you need when you need it.

Comprehensive Data

Equip Spot with payloads for acoustic imaging, thermal readings, visual inspections, and more to get a complete view of asset performance from a single autonomous inspection.

Easy Analysis

View all your acoustic inspection data in a single source, trigger alerts for acoustic anomalies, and analyze trends over time.

Reliable Operations Icon
Reliable Operations

Empower your maintenance team with more consistent data about leaks and other performance issues, so they can prioritize repairs and avoid unplanned downtime.

Operator using a tablet to set up an autonomous acoustic inspection
Operator viewing acoustic data from Scout on a computer monitor

The impact of autonomous inspections

Save time and effort, while reducing downtime, with more consistent acoustic inspections at your facility.


Average Leak Rate

Leaks are all too common in industrial facilities


Per Leak

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, a single eighth-inch leak can cost thousands


Acoustic Monitoring

Detect noise anomalies around the clock to catch leaks before they escalate

If Spot can find these issues for us in between our changeovers in between different production runs, we’re able to catch those issues ahead of time that allows us to be more predictive, more preventative rather than reactive.

Scott Smith

Maintenance Electrician, Nestlé Purina

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“It’s one platform, but we can use it for partial discharge inspections, acoustics assessments, and 3D site scanning, which could save a lot in upfront costs. And the robot is designed in such a way that you can swap out the payload in five minutes and move on to the next task.”

Dean Berlin

Lead Engineer, National Grid

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