Efficiently capture digital twins

Deploy an automated robotic data capture solution to generate digital twins of your worksites, factories, or new construction.

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Comprehensive data, dynamic digital twins

Spot’s mobility, alongside its suite of scanning and sensing capabilities, make it a best-in-class solution for digital twin automation and creation. Whether you're overseeing a new build, planning rework, or managing building operations, Spot enables you to centralize all of your site data, generate insights, and inform your project’s direction.

Spot in icy conditions in Norway - Photo Credit: BuildingPoint Scandinavia with LNS
Spot in icy conditions in Norway - Photo Credit: BuildingPoint Scandinavia with LNS

Conserve resources while increasing scan frequency

Save your engineers’ time and patience by equipping Spot with surveying payloads for fast and accurate digital twins. Spot can be set up to regularly capture high-resolution scans while freeing up site supervisors for high-level problem solving.

Streamlined maintenance wrench icon
Streamlined maintenance

Spot enables you to both capture and centralize data on all aspects of your operations in a single digital twin— seamlessly report on current status, changes, and anomalies from site scans and maintenance inspections.

Accelerated AEC operations rotating arrows icon
Accelerated AEC operations

Using Spot with a laser scanning payload enables regular digital twin updates to gauge site progress and sync up with other project design and production needs.

Improved quality control check mark icon
Improved Quality Control

Regularly updated digital twins reveal hard-to-find faults during project construction or installation, reducing rework and providing accurate as-built models when planning facility upgrades or redesigns.

3D map of a jobsite on a industrial tablet
laser scanning image showing Spot and workers

The impact of robotics on digital twin solutions

Unlock the full potential of your site data. Automating reality capture with Spot drives real-world results.


Source of Truth

Consolidate information about all your assets, equipment, and facilities into a single easy to understand dashboard.


Reduction in Inspection Time

Automate inspections and site monitoring to capture more reliable data in a fraction of the time.



Integrate laser scans and 360 images captured by Spot into immersive site maps. 

“The value is that you’re getting that consistent data capture over time, and really being able to then use that data to make decisions around how to keep the project moving forward – making any necessary changes before things actually get installed.”

David Burczyk

Construction Robotics Lead, Trimble

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“Because Spot is able to go out every week and follow along the same route and get those readings at the same points, we can track data and find trends. That can help us find issues with the plant, and possibly even prevent problems before they happen.”

Dante Piccolomini

Health Physics Technician, Dominion Energy

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