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We’re building robots that can keep people out of harm’s way: Spot enables operators to remotely investigate and de-escalate hazardous situations.

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Designed to keep people safe

Robots have been used in government and public safety applications for decades but Spot’s unmatched mobility and intuitive interface is changing incident response for departments in the field today.

Operational safety for the public’s peace of mind

Boston Dynamics has built Spot to a high standard of agility, mobile manipulation, and ease of use—all of which are requirements for government fieldwork. See how Spot puts them to use:

Reduce risk to personnel with remote operation.

Your operators can stay safe with Spot on-hand to remotely investigate, assess, and de-escalate tense or hazardous situations. Customizable payloads, such as an integrated arm or additional sensors, can provide more situational awareness and the ability to detect chemical, biological, or radiological hazards.

Spot investigates a suspicious package
Public Safety: Deploy Spot first for crucial intel.

Spot provides important situational awareness to responding law enforcement agents. Its mobility allows it to be quickly deployed, and on-board cameras provide valuable information back to officers. Common use cases include armed barricaded suspects, suspicious package investigations, and other hazards.

An operator completes remote manipulation tasks from the Spot tablet controller
CBRN Threat Response: efficiently identify hazards.

In addition to increased standoff distance in potentially dangerous scenarios, Spot can be equipped with sensors to detect chemical, biological, or radiological threats. Spot’s mobility allows firefighters to send the robot in to assess the situation, and provide valuable decision making information to tactical commanders.

2 Spot robots opening a door
Nuclear Decommissioning: protect workers from exposure.

Spot’s agility and mobility make it a valuable tool in nuclear decommissioning work being performed. Not just at accident sites like Fukishima, or Three Mile Island, but at facilities that have reactors that have reached the end of their life cycle. Spot can not only help map radiation for monitoring, but Spot equipped with Arm can be used for work in high radiation areas, saving workers dose. In addition, Spot has shown to be resilient in LD50 zones, keeping people completely out of harm's way.

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Robots ready to perform


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Robots ready to perform

Training & Support

Our resources are at your disposal. Our expert team can provide the training and documentation your team needs to quickly deploy Spot and feel confident operating in challenging conditions.

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