CBRNE Threat Response

Keep operators out of harm’s way while investigating chemical, biological, or radiological threats.

Remote CBRNE detection and investigation

Quick to deploy, Spot’s mobility and ease of use helps responders maintain a safe standoff distance from suspected CBRNE threats.

Spot Arm picking up potentially hazardous chemical materials

First to Respond. First Through the Door.

Equipped with a variety of sensing payloads, Spot can provide crucial information to incident commanders. Investigate the presence of hazards before making crucial operational decisions.

Threat Detection

Equipped with chemical, biological, or radiological detectors, Spot can make teams aware of the presence of danger from a safe distance.


Spot Arm allows for entry and closer investigation of suspicious items.


Navigate and traverse uneven, unstructured terrain with ease.

Boston Dynamics Spot robot outside of a building with a vehicle

Examining the impact of robotics solutions

Spot, the agile mobile robot, offers distinct advantages over conventional robots and is quickly becoming the new industry standard.


Minutes to Deploy

Mission ready in under five minutes, Spot helps speed time to target in critical situations.


Payload Capacity

Spot can carry up to thirty pounds of sensing payloads, which can be swapped in the field to help you get the information you need as situations develop.


Operating Distance

Spot can be equipped with standard radios, such as Persistent Systems MPU5, so you can control it from a safe standoff distance.

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