Save Time with Automated Visual Inspection

Have Spot efficiently and accurately conduct visual inspection tasks, freeing your team to focus on more engaging priorities.

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Improved visibility, improved uptime

From digitizing analog gauges to verifying the presence of safety equipment, automating your visual inspection needs creates more reliable results and efficient operations within your worksite.

Spot performing a visual inspection on a worksite

Spot for automated visual inspection

Our agile legged robot is ready to navigate and inspect industrial workplaces. Equipped with a high resolution PTZ camera with 30 times zoom, Spot lets you see what you're missing.

Gauge Reading

Turn analog displays into digital analytics. With integrated gauge reading models, Spot is able to capture valuable data about equipment health and trigger alerts if gauges are out of the desired range.

Change Detection

Spot can autonomously collect images of critical assets and equipment to look for cracks, wear, or other signs of damage over time.

Remote Visibility

Let Spot be your eyes on the ground in hard-to-reach facilities. Your experts can teleoperate Spot from the office to assess hazards or maintenance issues, enabling efficient troubleshooting without the time and expense of travel.

Proactive Intelligence

Feed data from Spot into EAM solutions and computer vision systems in order to autonomously analyze the data and capture predictive maintenance insights.

Spot walks through a refinery with inspection payloads
Two operators review data in Scout

Examining the impact of robotics solutions

Deploying Spot or another robot in your workplace isn’t a mere novelty—Boston Dynamics is already creating tangible, real-world results that are improving how we work today.


Inspection Points

Spot makes it easy to capture the volume and quality of data to train and maintain AI algorithms for predictive maintenance and computer vision.



Deploy a single robot and set of sensors to autonomously inspect an entire area of your facility.



Spot enables you to understand your equipment health after hours or from afar via remote visual inspection so you never miss a beat.

“You can only observe the performance of some equipment when it’s going through that transition state from on to off…When we shut down a plant, it’s dynamic. It’s still safe, but it’s a higher risk activity. So, making use of Spot to do some of the surveillance would be great.”

Tim Byrne

Surveillance Engineer, Woodside

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