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Changing how we put robots to work

The next generation of mobility, sensing, and manipulation is here. We solved the tough robotics challenges out of the box so you can focus on solving the tough challenges in your industry.

Spot with a drone mounted on its back

Spot for R&D


Spot can go places other robots for research applications can’t—without requiring you to spend research time developing or maintaining custom navigation and locomotion systems.

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Spot for R&D


The Reinforcement Learning Research Kit provides joint-level API access and a ready-to-use simulation environment for developers, in collaboration with NVIDIA.

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Spot for R&D


Developers have access to the broader autonomous navigation API to create sophisticated autonomy solutions.

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Spot for R&D


The Spot Arm allows the robot to more directly interact with the world around it, opening up new practical functions.

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Spot for R&D


Customize Spot to solve your operation’s obstacles with payloads and software integrations for sensing, communications, controls, and more.

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"It’s actually a really robust platform that provides high-level application programming interfaces to control the robot. I’ve worked with a lot of robots, and I was definitely very surprised by how general and robust the APIs are."

Akshara Rai

Research Scientist, Meta

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“When the project is being built, there is no guarantee that people are building correctly based on the plans...The question we wanted to answer was whether this new technology could help.”

Kereshmeh Afsari

Assistant Professor, Myers-Lawson School of Construction at Virginia Tech

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“It’s extremely important to have robotic systems operating in a realistic environment. In the lab, you have control over the environment…But then you take the robot 1.5 kilometers down into the ground...That’s completely different.”

George Nikolakopoulos

Chair of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence, LTU

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Getting started with Spot

Spot should be a research tool, not a science project. We make it easy to get started with payloads to extend the robot’s base capabilities so you can jumpstart your research, development, and innovation.

Boston Dynamics Spot robot equipped for research

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