Act with confidence at your job site with comprehensive site visibility. Spot powers real-time insights into your operational conditions.

Whitepaper: The Benefits of Flexible Autonomy on Construction Sites

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Dynamic data for evolving environments

Construction sites are constantly changing. Spot provides a data capture solution to document progress and as-built states, freeing up site supervisors and enabling data-driven decisions.

Autonomy that works

Spot can autonomously navigate construction environments, making automation for applications like job site reality capture and surveying a reality.

Setting up success with adaptability, reliability, and flexibility

Spot’s agility and athletic intelligence mean it can get around job sites that other robots can’t. But Spot also offers easy mission set up, dynamic replanning, and flexible communications options to ensure that it can do valuable work in any construction environment.

Site Progress Monitoring
Construction workers performing work on a site with Spot nearby
Site Progress Monitoring: Capture image autonomously

Collect 360° images and video indoors or on challenging exterior sites. Frequently captured site progress snapshots can be contextualized in construction documents and used to automate insights and work-in-place reporting through emerging AI technologies.

Spot monitoring a construction site's progress
Laser scanning: Recreate environments with 3D data

Equip Spot with a laser scanner and program routine scanning routes to collect highly precise 3D data on construction progress. Integrate data  into digital twins and BIM systems to minimize rework and ensure downstream success.

Spot equipped with a laser scanner on a construction site
Remote Access: Get visibility in hard-to-reach places

Let Spot be your eyes and ears in inaccessible or hazardous sites. Create autonomous missions to have consistent visibility at remote construction sites and enable your experts to review site data from anywhere in the world. Use Spot to detect both routine health and safety issues, as well as more serious concerns like hazardous gas during tunnel construction.


Spot on a mission at a remote construction site

Construction Robotics


Learn more about the agile robot with the flexibility to take your site operations to the next level.

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Construction Robotics

Autonomous Docking

Keep Spot on-site with minimal supervision. The Spot Dock enables autonomous charging and data transfer, so Spot continues to deliver the data you need after hours or at remote locations.

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Construction Robotics


Connect with our industry-leading partners to deploy laser scanning payloads and integrate data from Spot into third-party software suites.

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Construction Robotics


Our resources are at your disposal. Browse our materials, connect with other community members, and contact our support team for anything your robot needs.

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“When a project team needs regular documentation of a large jobsite and an automated solution is available to free up personnel to do higher-level tasks that only humans can do—well, that’s a pretty obvious decision."

Hunter Cole

Innovation and Operational Technology Manager, Brasfield & Gorrie

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“We can really benefit from the robot all throughout the day. The technology is there, the technology works, and now it is more about getting the industry to come together around it. Our clients are demanding this type of innovation.”

Carlos Crespo

Robotics and AI Skill Center Manager, Acciona

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“Working with the DroneDeploy Robotics team has been a great experience and we’re really excited to scale up our use of Spot on upcoming projects.”

Chris McKee

Reality Capture Manager, Turner Construction

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