Automate Trailer and Container Unloading

Keep the flow of goods moving and meet demand for order fulfillment with improved efficiency and safety.

Whitepaper: Strengthening the Supply Chain with Automated Case Unloading

Unloading in high-volume operations

Tackle unloading of floor-loaded trailers and shipping containers with ease and precision. Stretch maximizes inbound productivity with reliable performance and minimal supervision.

Stretch unloading boxes from a trailer

A powerful helping hand for your warehouse

Keep boxes moving daily with Stretch, and supplement operations through peak season and hiring challenges. A steady unloading rate and dashboard insights help you forecast and plan workflows.

Quick Start

Start unloading your first cases within days— installation is fast and requires no pre-programming of box sizes or types. Stretch makes all decisions in real time.

Advanced Automation

Stretch detects, grasps, and places boxes autonomously, working with boxes of varying sizes and types, from standard brown to highly graphical. Stretch works with minimal human intervention, even automatically recovering boxes that may fall during the unloading process.


In a single swing of the arm, Stretch's multipick functionality moves multiple boxes to the conveyor belt, adding up to significantly higher productivity. With intelligent placement, the robot releases the boxes one by one and spaces them apart, in a way that aligns with the rest of a warehouse's sortation system.

Mobile Solution

Stretch goes where you need it to, moving from point to point of activity. When Stretch finishes unloading one trailer, drive it to another dock door or deploy it elsewhere across your network.

Stretch robot grasping two brown boxes simultaneously with the suction gripper at the end of an industrial arm, hovering over a conveyor belt inside a container
A worker wearing protective gear and standing with the Boston Dynamics Stretch robot

What robotics solutions can do for the warehouse

Stretch is ready to deliver tangible results that improve how we work today.


Cases Shipped in 2022

Worldwide labor that could be alleviated with the help of robots.


Full Shifts

Stretch works continuously for up to 16 hours.



Stretch’s powerful arm handles heavy cases.



Stretch’s long vertical reach extends high and deep into trailers.

“We want to constantly innovate the warehousing and distribution flow of our inland logistics operations... Boston Dynamics brings the engineering solutions we need to make supply chains operate in new and better ways.”

Erez Agmoni

SVP of Innovation & Strategic Growth, Maersk

Want to See Stretch in Action?

If you’re interested in learning more about Boston Dynamics or our solutions, explore success stories and reach out to our experts.

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